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Photoshop: Online!; Navigating the Media Divide; Media Deprivation; Other Stuff

Adobe offering Photoshop online in 3-6 months
The network is the computer is becoming more true every day

IBM has posted an essential report called "Navigating the Media Divide"
executive summary
full report
press release
blog posting that has some good insights
From the press release: ...IBM conducted a comprehensive study that included interviews with leaders of media companies and an in-depth analysis of the factors that are shaping the industry outlook. The IBM report shows that new forms of media will grow at 23 percent compound annual rate in the next four years, nearly five times that of traditional media businesses. The report also estimates that the music industry lost between $90-160 Billion in its transition to digital and finds that future implications are even greater for television and film if companies do not systematically navigate the media divide... IBM sees a clear delineation between the old and new worlds of media. In the traditional world, content produced by professionals and distributed through proprietary platforms still dominates. But in the new world, content is often user-created and accessed through open platforms. These polarized tendencies mark the clear and present conflict between incumbents and new entrants. A second conflict is emerging among existing players -- between traditional content owners (studios, game publishers and music labels) and media distributors (television affiliates, retailers, motion picture exhibitors, cable and satellite providers). This media divide is pitting partner against partner in a struggle for growth.

Piper Jaffray has released a new Internet report. Here is the press release

Vista activation problems: when the geeks who work at the various PC magazines have problems, they're not afraid to write about it... because it slows down their own work as well.

E-paper used as a keypad

Students demand to get out of a week-long test of media deprivation, lasting only 4 days
...even four days was too much — each of the students cheated, some more than others.
Which perhaps proves professor Mara Adelman's point: The art of alone time is increasingly lost in our hectic, frazzled, wired lives.

My son has an English teacher who has "hell week" when they read Walden. The kids do make it, and they have to write about it. The kids actually love it. The tough one is instant messaging, but they do make it through the week... or at least most of them do. It's a reminder to everyone that much as we love using media, taking a news break or a media break once a week can certainly be the pause that refreshes.

Important breaking news tomorrow!

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As a graduate student, I can safely say that I would be hard pressed to go without any type of media for a week. That being said, I can remember doing just that as an undergraduate when I attended a meditation retreat for TEN DAYS. Needless to say, this was no easy task, and I commend anyone who has the willpower to do without media for a week or so. Attending the retreat definitely helped clear my mind and put into perspective the hectic and frenzied lives that we live.

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