Thursday, March 01, 2007


The Big News... and The Last Blog Post.... Here Anyway....

The announcement of WhatTheyThink's purchase of the assets of Global Forecast Group and my becoming the Director of WTT's brand new Center for Economics and Research is on PrintCEOblog this morning.

You can access the audio of my recent interview of Randy Davidson where we talk about WhatTheyThink's acquisition of Electronic Publishing, PrintPlanet... and my new role.

My industry blogging will move over to and also a special blog being set up on the WTT page that will be devoted to the new Center.

I will still keep this blog site for personal blogging which will be somewhat infrequent, about things that don't fit the scope of the WTT sites. I'm still working on my karate and prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain blog and will post some things there this spring. It's not likely that WhatTheyThink will start covering my study of Okinawan Karate any time soon. :)

This is quite an exciting time for WTT. For years, I believe, what has been going on there has been underestimated by the industry old guard, and it's building up quite a brand, reputation and business. I have been pleased and honored to be part of that, first with "Fridays with Dr. Joe", since moved to Mondays, the economic webinars, and the GraphExpo and Print events. I was dragged kicking and screaming into the Internet by my then business partner Jim Whittington, and I have to say... he was more right than he even suspected at the time. Now that WTT's base is over 50,000, it's quite the industry heavyweight. I'm excited to be part of it.

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