Thursday, January 04, 2007


Printing Shipments: Stunning! ... and other stuff...

Printing shipments in November were stunning, up a strong +$504 million or 6.2%, and October's shipments were revised up a little, too. This is seven straight months of positive comparisons. On an inflation-adjusted basis, it was the fourth consecutive month of real growth, up +$355 million, or 4.6% compared to 2005.

The WSJ has changed its format and is saving $18 million in newsprint and distribution costs in the process. But there's more to it that that, as noted in an Advertising Age article
As an editor who wrestles daily with the wholesale shift that's taken place in readers' business-news consumption habits, I think the redesign ticks just about every box you'd expect it to tick. In giving over 80% of the paper to analyzing what the news means, the Journal has accepted that news is a 24/7 online commodity and that the only way for a print publication to retain value in that environment is the kind of analysis that leaves readers feeling smarter. This might be obvious to those who live their lives in the blogosphere, but it still takes a brave newspaper publisher to tackle the shift head on -- we can all name a couple of obvious examples of papers that are still a long way from accepting that reality.

Plastic Logic has built an e-paper plant in Germany that will output a million screens a year

Magazine forecast from MediaWeek

A new $100 laptop story... well, it's actually a $150 laptop... but this has user reactions, and discusses what countries are in and what countries are not...,2933,240701,00.html

WiFi in cars through a company called Autonet Mobile. I can't wait for the "surfing while driving" complaints
NYT story
Company press release

Google hint: when you order something online and they give you a UPS tracking code, put the code in Google rather than going to the site. It's a lot faster.

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