Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Preference for Print, Data Quality, Scripps, Newspaper Adaptation, Ubuntu, Vista

Folio: article about the preference for print among B2B communicators
The report is at and is yet another report that points to the authority that print conveys. I wonder though if a more thorough examination of the age of respondents would yield different results.

Lack of high quality data is still a problem for marketers, and constrains the market for VDP and many digital initiatives.

Ad Age article on Scripps Howard and their embracing of new technologies... so much so that they may sell their newspapers. The excerpt below makes one wonder why Time Warner could not have done the same thing. Scripps makes AOL Time Warner look really incompetent.
Owning its content has allowed Scripps to move quickly in the digital-distribution space, while its broadcast and cable rivals have been bogged down with rights issues. In the past year, Scripps has used its 27,000 hours of archived content to launch broadband vertical sites focused on key HGTV areas such as kitchen and bath and a woodworking channel born out of DIY. Scripps plans to at least double its broadband verticals in 2007.

An old newspaper guy writes about adapting to the new media age... quite good

E&P article about the revenue tradeoffs and transitions that newspapers are grappling with

The Ubuntu Linux project has taken yet another step toward ease of use for non-geeks. You can now do an install from inside Windows!

When the new release comes out in April, Ubuntu will have a special multimedia version. The release of 7.04 (codenamed "Feisty Fawn" is much anticipated [btw the number stands for 2007.April, so therefore the 7.04])

Computer expert Kim Komando recently wrote in her recent USA Today column that Vista was worth upgrading to... but from the reasons she lists, you really do have to wonder if she really meant it. They sound like they are so minor in most people's lives that you're really paying for an expensive bug fix with a horrible license agreement.

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