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Forecasts, Agencies, Newspapers, Sydney vs. Sidney, and more

MediaWeek has forecasts for 2007
Interactive media http://www.mediaweek.com/mw/news/recent_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1003526032 Newspapers http://www.mediaweek.com/mw/news/recent_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1003526031

Ad agencies are changing dramatically, and printers should look at the same dynamics as a way of positioning their businesses.
Phoenix agencies that want to grow their businesses and attract national clients, must evolve and respond to changes brought by the Internet, third screen and mobile technology, shifting demographics and tech-savvy consumers... "The traditional ad agency model is broken and dead," said Dan Santy, principal of Santy in Phoenix. "What clients need to know is about how to successfully navigate the shifts in marketing and how to solve their business problems," he said. "As agencies, we need to prepare them on how to navigate that shift."

eMarketer has interesting predictions for 2007


NYT's David Carr writes about the generational differences in newspaper use, recent newspaper deals, and the future of the newspaper.

Good editorial in WSJ where economist and gadfly George Gilder explains why "economics is not for actuaries." It's a discussion about Social Security. I can't think of a single circumstance where any SS forecast has been correct. Gee, it's just as accurate when they try to forecast deficits, tax revenues, etc.

China's Internet users are increasing dramatically
The number of people using the internet in China grew by 30% over the last year to 132 million... the number of people with access to broadband rose to 52 million... China already has the world's second largest population of internet users after the United States...

E-commerce isn't for everyone. Here's the story of a German vacationer who wanted to go to Sydney but booked a flight to Sidney, Montana instead... and didn't realize it until he arrived there.

Barron's economist Gene Epstein discusses research that shows corporate giving increases profits
This was something that Friedman disagreed with... but Epstein explains why it works

General Mills reduced sugar cereals have flopped. Some market trends are not worth following. The real marketing lesson: new trends require new brands.

Convergence is something I have written about, as people mistake entrepreneurial and free market decision for convergence. This is a great comic from WSJ. A child opens a Christmas present and says "What good is a camera if you can't use it as a phone?"

Personalization in e-mail is discussed in a Responsys survey of marketers. Personalization technology is underused, according to the report. What's so "funny," is that personalization in e-mail is "cheap," a matter of manipulating data bases. Personalization is really overrated, and has little staying power. If it did, personalization beyond mailing and salutations, would be rampant. The fact is that the medium used has little staying power. In a multiple media marketplace, personalization is a tactic, not a strategy.
According to the survey, 44% of marketers already personalize some aspect of email campaigns and 89% plan to increase their use of personalization in future efforts. However, survey data also revealed that nearly 40% of marketers restrict their personalization efforts to the salutation. Only 10% individualize all aspects of their email campaigns, including salutation, images, timing and promotion. The biggest roadblock to more personalization is lack of time and resources, as cited by 64% of respondents. Other major obstacles include limited information about customers and lack of integrated customer data.

Your English is awesome!... Lake Superior State University's annual list of banished words, or at least words that should be banished.

One of those end-user stories that makes one just love MSFT... another Ubuntu shift. Another example of how assuming every customer is a thief makes for annoyances for honest ones.

MSFT has created a stir by giving free computers to bloggers. The Acer notebooks were for evaluation of Vista, and could be kept by the recipients.
I'd erase Vista and start doing Linux tests :)

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