Sunday, December 10, 2006


Dr. Doom is Up to No Good, Take The New Media Test, Economics, Postal Reform, Ubuntu

Above headline from Providence Journal picking up a story from the Washington Post about the new video game Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

The economic webinar from 12/6/06 can now be accessed online

Take this test that will tell you how savvy in new media you are.
(I got a 12; you score well if you have the right cell phone)

Good Thomas Sowell column about worldwide economics

Universal McCann’s Bob Coen’s Advertising Forecast

Tips about offshoring book printing successfully

Article in praise of Ubuntu Linux

Economist Walter Williams' article about Milton Friedman
What? Postal reform in a lame duck Congress?
One of the proposals is to link rate changes to the CPI. Bad idea. Nothing like market forces to keep prices down, or to allow prices to rise to reflect demand. Giving the CPI safety valve may make things predicatable, but it removes the pressure to reinvent ways to reduce costs. It's bad enough the Postal Service's prices cannot reflect marketplace realities (the can never have sales, for example, or raise prices during peak demand, and lower them during slack demand), but to now let them depend on regular increases unlike every other business that has to fight it out in the marketplace is a bad idea. A camel is a horse designed by a committee.

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