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P&G Switching to MORE PRINT!... Newspaper Troubles, and Lots More Stuff

P&G reallocates budget to add more.... PRINT!! The results of this media reallocation are right out of the book What Sticks, which, sure enough, is mentioned in the article. Note the comment about e-mail campaigns as having "little or no media cost."
P&G is realizing it's oversubscribed to TV, and is pouring more money into print... As it reduced TV spending, P&G hiked spending on national magazines 22.3% and outlays on all print 23.9%. The medium now commands 28.2% of P&G's $1.6 billion first-half outlay, up 3.5 percentage points from a year ago... Most P&G brands are now in their second or third years of using marketing-mix models extensively, and that's generally the time by which marketers who use models to fine-tune media plans generally have made the biggest reallocations they're going to make...The shift to print is far more broad-based, though, focused heavily so far this year on P&G's big-spending beauty brands, Olay and Pantene... P&G also has continued to do more direct marketing, with the second big double-digit increase in as many years for its fiscal year ended June 30. But most of that shift is going toward e-mail programs that have little or no media cost, said John Cummings, whose DBM/Scan service tracks database-marketing programs by package-goods marketers... Overall, P&G mailings and e-mailings increased 48% to 469 in the 12 months ended in June, following a 35% increase the year before, he said. As a whole, the package-goods and drug marketers he tracks boosted mailings and e-mailings 32% in the year ended in June.But beyond pricing, many marketers are coming around to see more value in magazines, if not newspapers, said Rex Briggs, CEO of Marketing Evolution and co-author of the ROI tome "What Sticks."

CNN reports that there are now 100 million web sites. Should we be surprised? It could only be possible with Google. Otherwise many web sites would go undiscovered.

Political spending on media has been quite strong, perhaps a primary reason for recent print rise. This will be part of Thursday's PFC Perspective discussion.

Randy Davidson has posted some very interesting cmments about Consolidated Graphics on his printceo blog

Speaking of blogs, Peter Muir has started one

NYT report about direct mail. For sure this is the top of the market when newspapers start paying attention to this; most of the trends they cite have already moderated and result is less print than used before (i.e., catalog has fewer pages when it shifts to direct mail campaigns and used more e-commerce)

Printing scents has been mentioned as something that would keep print viable. Imagine, though, all of those competing scents on store shelves. It's like the gauntlet you have to run in a department store to avoid getting sprayed.
Of course this reminded me of smell-o-vision

Hayden Printing in Spokane, WA has gone from 0 to 60+ employees in just four years

First class mail headed down... are we surprised?

Houston Chronicle doesn't like the Sony e-book reader
Cute title: "Sony uses novel approach"... i guess it's the real article, then!

Headline: manufacturers turn pessimistic. Not in the headline: only 60 respondents. I guess the optimists were too busy!
TV networks experimenting with streaming video in every possible way

Marketers still demanding reliable Internet traffic data
Funny... when I read about this kind of story in newspapers, I just chuckle, after their circulation fraud problems of the past few years. It's one thing to figure out how many people go to a web site, but when you fudge the number of copies sold... well,... I guess counting real things is just as hard for some people as it is for cyber things.

Newspaper revenues... supposedly it will take 30 years for Internet revenue to be 50%. Yes, another person who knows how to extend straight lines using Excel.
also reported at

Record newspaper Internet use. The Newspaper Association of America really gets it. They have a great site, and they know that new media is where it's at.

Newspaper circulation falls... no surprise... as reported in the NY Times whose shoddy reporting has done a good job of losing their audience. Amazing how that rag NY Post has changed itself over the years to pass the NY Daily News. The post was a really bad afternoon paper when I grew up in the NYC area. Now I'd rather pick it up than the NYT or the NYDN. The New York Sun is even making progress. I remember all kinds of failed startups in NYC, even when Newsday tried to get into the market and failed.

American Business Media has posted video from its various conferences. This association gets it too.

More laments about newspapers,0,1241459.story?coll=chi-business-hed

$100 laptop about to be released
The project is facinating.
The official one-laptop-per-child page
This may be one of the most important initiatives to stimulate the use of non-print media that has been seen to date. Yet, I suspect no one in the printing business knows about it.

Microsoft and Novell are now cooperating about Linux
I've been playing with two Linux distributions lately, and my favorite, Ubuntu, is definitely ready for prime time. It will become my operating system of choice soon... it already is on my notebook. I love Ubuntu. I was using Xandros, but Ubuntu is just plain wonderful.... and free.
The $100 laptop uses a version of Fedora Linux

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