Monday, November 20, 2006


Milton Friedman Obits, Wal-Mart, Internet & Old Media, Fun Stuff

Good obit of Milton Friedman in NY Times

Barron's Gene Epstein writes about Friedman

Interview of Milton and Rose Friedman from July 2006

Mises Institute remembrance of Friedman

Why Wal-Mart is important

Internet ad revenue surpasses $4 billion

Internet ad potential is underestimated, according to Yahoo! CEO Semel

Yahoo! makes deal with major newspapers re: classifieds

Are magazines dead?
No, they're not dead, they're just pining for the fjords

How new and old media can work together

Online video seen taking broadcast TV dollars
The study predicted that a particularly marked increase would take place next year, when budgets for online advertising are expected to rise by an average of 42 per cent compared to 2006.

Sure you want to upgrade to Vista and/or Office2007?
Skip all this licensing stuff. Go to open source software instead. Ubuntu Linux is my new toy, and it works just great. Got an old computer at home? Give Ubuntu a shot and you may not have to replace it at all.

Ad Age Global Marketers Report
Global Players (executives) report

Latest toy: USB turntable... gosh, saves time and many hassles. And it works great!

Someone should ban this site as obscene

30 Rock might be the best-written new TV show on this year. It takes some great shots at corporate management (especially GE, since it owns NBC) but this past week took some very funny shots at product placement.
My favorite line was the management gobbledygook about increasing sales... whoops... I mean "upward revenue stream dynamics."
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