Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Cenveo Ethics Issue?, Gannett Wakes Up, Other Neat Stuff

Election day: vote early and often. I always think of Aunt Rosie on this day. If the person running was Italian, she would vote for them. That was easy in the Bronx. Everyone who knew her misses her, especially the big Christmas Eve dinners.

Story about Banta and Stephanie Streeter. Loved the next to last paragraph:
It's not known if or to what degree Burton invested in Banta, but a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission says the Cenveo board waived its ethics code to let some directors and officers invest in Banta while the company was pursuing it. Banta's share price closed Friday at $52.03, up 53% since Burton first disclosed his intentions toward Banta on Aug. 9.
Mr. Burton may have made more money causing the run-up than he could have by owning it. He still needs to acquire something or sell CVO. He's not used to losing. Wonder what's next.
Here's the link to the SEC document

Gannett is modernizing its newsrooms to be 24/7... what took them so long?
Reuters http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20061104/wr_nm/media_gannett_dc_2
E&P http://editorandpublisher.com/eandp/news/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1003352557&imw=Y

DoubleClick CEO: “The Internet is a Huge Disruptive Force on the Print World”

Another story about skepticism regarding web metrics

WTT put my column about graphic communications on its "free" side... enjoy...

Political online advertising down.
Seems like when it's local, it's print, when it's national, it's online. May have played a bigger than typical role in the recent rise in print volume.

Heidelberg still buying back its stock for whatever reason they're doing it, it's still not the best idea for stockholders in my mind. But my vote doesn't matter.

E-book software that would just send me bonkers
Thought this was interesting:
"The Sony Reader, which our people have examined, is due to be a flop, just as with all the other dedicated hardware readers--totally the wrong business plan for the Internet age," comments Michael Hart, cofounder of Project Gutenberg, a site that makes free public-domain texts available as e-books. "The difference is that there are a billion new cell phones made every year--nothing like that for any other such devices."

Kodak's performance is becoming less bad. Some analysts think the crossover between their digital and analog business is now getting onto the favorable side.

Who cares about the $100 laptop :)) -- the $99 computer may be here for Christmas

The OpenOffice fans get really riled up when you forget them. I'm using the StarOffice version -- and use M$FT Office less and less... and when I shift Linux, I will barely use it.

Speaking of Linux, this "chooser" helps determine which OS is the best for your needs

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