Friday, October 20, 2006


Zinio, Times Plunge, E-Mail Problems, Interesting E-Paper News, and a Barron's Note

Digital magazine provider Zinio has press release about its recent sales levels. Sales are picking up, but digital magazines are not performing anywhere near the levels that they were expected to years ago. They are on a firm, positive trajectory, however. Their biggest competitor: websites, operated by their own clients... called publishers.
...the site has seen more than 154% growth in transactions per month for the first 8 months of 2006, compared to the first 8 months of 2005. Monthly transactions include both subscription sales and single copy sales, which have grown on average more than 166% compared to year earlier levels.

The New York Times had a 48% plunge in profits though revenues were down only 2%. Are they that perilously close to their breakeven point? Anyone who mentions the superior financial ratios that newspapers have compared to other industries.... well... what do you think now? It's the momentum of earnings that matters, and this is not a pretty picture.

Think there's nothing for printers and graphic designers to do in e-marketing? This report from SilverPop explains the graphic, layout, and other elements that improve e-mail campaigns. If print and creative sales are supposed to be consulatative, isn't this something that should be part of that process?

Monthly shipments of e-paper screens reached 10,000, according to this report, with the bulk of them to Sony
Monthly shipments of Prime View International's (PVI's) electronic-paper (e-paper) reached 10,000 units in August, with most of the shipments going to Sony, according to today's Chinese-language Commercial Times...PVI is the only e-paper supplier for Sony, according to market sources...In August, sources at the company revealed that the company is ready to ship its electronic paper (e-paper) in volume to clients for electronic book (e-book) and electronic label (e-label) applications.

By the way, the Sony e-store now has this message:
Due to overwhelming demand, new Sony® Portable Reader orders may ship as late as November 30th. Existing orders will be shipped in the order they were received.

Regarding my comments about the Barron's article by Thomas Donlan, "Dow Be Not Proud," I did get a note from him which indicated that "Dividends covered about half the Dow's losses to inflation and about a third for the S&P."
The article was at

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