Thursday, October 26, 2006


SystemSuite, American Magazine Conference, Monkey Ward is Back, Newspapers Newscasting, Adobe E-Books, Business iPods, Economic Misreporting

I'm a free software kind of guy, but I must recommend SystemSuite 7 which was just released and is on sale until tomorrow for $37 for upgraders at It's far less annoying than Norton Systemworks and has kept all of our computers in the office and in our home working great. It's also legal to put it on three computers. Ain't that great? If you're not a current user, it's $45. -- well worth it. Soon I'll be writing about the various open source software that I use and where they might be found.

The American Magazine Conference meeting in Phoenix is summarized in this NY Sun article.
NYU's publishing program has been revised so that there is a digital component to every course offered.And those who want a career in magazine publishing, on the editorial or the business side, are advised that nowadays that means both print and electronic publishing... Diane Salvatore, editor in chief of Ladies' Home Journal, says, "For editors, it really is a moment of great, unprecedented creativity. You are forced to think three-dimensionally because the reader really wants to participate on a new, intimate level." ..."It just isn't one size fits all, anymore," Ms. Link said. "Your brand and your audience will determine how you reach them. I am asked all the time about organization. Should a publisher have one advertising sales staff or two? One editorial staff or two? There are no definite answers yet. It isn't unhealthy but it is unsettling."

The Montgomery Ward catalog is back. That is, the people who bought the rights to the name in bankruptcy court have issued a catalog with that name.
Some history is at

Newspapers, especially local-focused ones, are experimenting in other media. Here's a Canadian newspaper is doing a video newscast.

Adobe is about to start pushing e-books again with some new software

Companies are giving iPods to their employees for training purposes and for company announcements
Will free e-book readers have the same destiny?

Good article on this Rodney Dangerfield economy that we're in...

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