Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Print Scores Four Positive Months in a Row; Newspaper Next Report; Other Stuff

The August manufacturing shipments data were released by the Commerce Department, and printing’s August was strong. Current dollar shipments were up +$245 million, or +3.9%, compared to August 2005. On a current dollar basis, this was the fourth consecutive month of positive comparisons. July 2006 shipments were revised down by -$22 million. For the last four months, inflation-adjusted sales are down -$57 million, which is essentially flat with last year. The Newspaper Next project of the American Press Institute has released a worthwhile report. Go to this address, fill out the form, and you can download a PDF at not charge.

Story about digital makeover of the NY Times

Xerox bought XMPie... after being reported in the Israeli business press a couple of months ago and then vehemently denied by XMPie, to the point of sending accusatory e-mails questioning the journalistic competence of some who reported it. Well... it's obvious there was a leak, and this is how they attempted to plug it. Not good to burn bridges with the press... you may need them one day. The people who were flamed are above that, though.

Back in April, I gave my forecast of the eight teams that would end up in the baseball playoffs. I got all four teams in the National League playoffs correct; and got all four in the American League wrong. I never liked AL baseball after the rule change allowing the designated hitter. Well, I should stick with what I know, I guess. Let's Go Mets!

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