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A Bevy of New Media Mirth and Fun

Magazines have to wise up to the digital age, according to Robin Steinberg, svp and director of print investment at Publicis Groupe's MediaVest
...pressure is mounting on magazines to offer advertisers multiplatform packages that tie-in to the Web, mobile and other appropriate digital media... clients are scrutinizing print budgets more closely, demanding greater accountability and innovations..."It's getting harder and harder to sell" clients on the notion that print is an essential medium in the digital age...Digital ad budgets are increasing exponentially, and "it's got to come from somewhere and it's coming from both print and TV budgets"... "You have to solve problems and the consumer has to be at the heart of your marketing plan."

In the meantime, publishers are trying to gang up on Google... don't they know the portal thing died a couple of years ago and that search engines are the portals to content now? Sheeeesh!!!

Good article that misses the point -- the 9/22/06 "Driven to Despair" posting by William Powers of the National Journal (this link will probably go to the latest posting).
Powers is lamenting that newspapers financial performance is actually good to other industries, and they're being tarred as bad businesses when they really aren't. The really are bad business... 18-36 months from now... and that's what investors are looking at. They're also looking at the loss of prestige in many newspapers over the last few years because of horrid reporting (Jayson Blair need not apply). Of course their financials are good. But they're not as good as they used to be, and the writing is on the wall, and they're still ticked off that journalists didn't put it there.

Media buyers are having a really tough time keeping up with changes in families and their media habits.
...Thanks to portable media and multitasking behavior, the typical consumer packs an average of 43 hours worth of activity into a typical day. .. The family, according to the survey, is more democratic than ever, with children influencing 50% of all purchases...But technology and changing family dynamics and makeup is increasingly allowing everyone in the household to have a say in buying decisions.

Forrester has an interesting report about changing media habits and how they vary by age.
Gen Y and Gen X households lead the way in integrating technology into their lives. Gen Yers take technology everywhere. Young adults are the most likely to put a premium on mobility, owning mobile phones, laptops, and MP3 players more often than their older counterparts. But the balance of consumers are following in their footsteps: 34% of Older Boomers and 22% of Seniors have cut the long-distance cord.... Seniors' media intake revolves around TV. Seniors consume one-third more hours of TV per week than Gen Yers do; Gen Yers devote more than three times as many hours to the Net per week as Seniors...Viral or word-of-mouth marketing is appealing across generations, but the Net is the place to reach Gen Yers and Gen Xers for product research. While almost 90% of Seniors do their decision-making research offline, nearly 40% of Gen Xers do research online and purchase offline. .. Gen Xers are the sweet spot for online shopping. With their disposable income and near-ubiquitous connectivity, more Gen Xers shop online than any other generation: 16.2 million online households... More than half (55%) of online travelers book their travel online. Young adults research and book their travel with Web agencies like Expedia or Orbitz more often than older travelers: 51% of Seniors booked with the airline they flew compared with only 33% of Gen Yers.

This article says podcasts are misunderstood-- and there's lots of "PC-casts"... which is my experience as well{2AC72A0B-8A77-4A48-B8FA-427CBC1AC51B}&siteid=mktw&dist=nbc

The Sony e-Book Reader is out!
PrintWeek story
Book Business
Skeptical Computerworld article
Online video
Order it! (early demand must have been hot, because no more shipments until mid-November, a message that just recently appeared on the page)

B2B marketing getting more sophisticated in some ways, but not in others... are printers helping? I think not.
Here's the original story that got my attention
And this is the press release
[Marketing Service Providers]cited several challenges limiting the success of B2B marketing. Topping the list is analytics. Data acquisition, database management, lead management and tracking ROI also present major obstacles... “Given the protracted sales cycles and lack of data insight, B2B organizations must rely on marketing even more than B2C organizations to establish a dialogue with prospects and customers,” said David Eldridge, Alterian’s chief executive officer. “There’s a huge opportunity for MSPs to apply their technology and services to help B2B marketers understand their audiences’ individual preferences and purchasing motivations. Specifically, MSPs can lead their clients to a greater use of interactive marketing tactics that elicit audience insight that can be used to advance B2B analytics.”... clients use email for customer retention and cross-selling, 72 percent stated their clients do so for customer acquisition. And 48 percent reported their clients use email for transactional communications. About 50 percent confirmed that email is part of a combined online and offline tactical mix, while only 14 percent of marketers said they use email as a stand-alone effort... “Each year, the adoption of direct and database marketing strategies grows more widespread, even taking firm hold among B2B marketers,” said Eldridge. “As this trend spreads, the role of the MSP is more important than ever. Businesses need a knowledgeable marketing partner as consumers and professionals cross multiple channels, preferences become harder to pinpoint and privacy and legislation concerns deepen.”

World Economic Forum has issued its country competitiveness rankings
Executive summary Rankings (Excel)

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