Monday, September 04, 2006


Newspapers, ADVO-Valassis, CVO-BN, E-Books, Spangooglish, WW2 Maps

Newspaper ad revenue up... but print ads were down 0.2%. Revs were up overall only because of the 33% increase in Internet ads.
Historical data

The ADVO-Valassis soap opera continues.
ADVO says Valassis accusations are baseless
ADVO says that Valassis is using its actions to negotiate a new deal

In the meantime, there is no news about Cenveo-Banta. I've chatted with quite a few folks knowledgeable about printing business "deals," and they're convinced that Burton will pursue this quite aggressively. Don't be surprised if Banta is looking for a friendly offer from someone else (Quad comes to mind), or splits itself into two distinct businesses, one with the traditional printing business, and the other holding its logistics capabilities. The former would be sold, the latter kept by Banta shareholders.

Article about the iRex Iliad e-book that's quite well done
and an e-book from China!

I just got a message from a person that they are running a printing blog in Spanish
To see it in its Google translation use this link:
It looks pretty interesting. Of course, some of the translation from the Google process is Spangooglish, but the gist of things can be understood quite well.

Specialty print products are always interesting, and this item came to my attention. It's about the printing of maps in a format that could be smuggled to POWs during WW2. The maps were printed on scarves and lightweight papers.

Sure, hours after I post a rant about NY State paying for part of two companies press purchases, and what a bad idea it is, the Mises Institute posts an article about the entire process of business subsidization and how it undermines business in the long run.

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