Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Fridays No More! Print Will Not Die! (and I read about it on the Internet)

"Fridays with Dr. Joe" on is no more!
"Mondays with Dr. Joe" on starts on 9/25!
There will be a press release about changes in the WTT lineup very soon.
Now, instead of ruining people's weekends, I can ruin a whole work week!

Print will not die! At least that's what some new media experts say.
“Print can be a legitimate spinoff from the Web and can be customized for a particular audience and its subgroups,” said David Worlock, chief research fellow at Electronic Publishing Services, which is owned by Outsell. “Print will become much more specialized.”... “Everybody is scattered, and you have to do everything possible to get your audiences and advertisers.” ... “What works best online doesn’t work in print” and vice versa. “But don’t go crazy and just start to flip from one medium to another.”
The comments were at a panel run by Outsell. Inc.
The report on which much of their media comments are based are at

Womens Wear Daily reports that "the Annual Mendelsohn Affluent Survey claims wealthier Americans are reading more magazines more often than ever. " (on the linked page, scroll down toward the bottom-- the story goes onto the second page).
I'm kind of not surprised. Wealthier Americans tend to be older and more educated, and if we studied them, we'd find higher use of all print media, and will for some time. I don't know if the survey covered Internet use, but it would show higher than average, though probably not the highest daily use, but it would have the highest broadband penetration.

This e-marketing stuff is a lot harder than print. Ummmm..... all of print's images get to the recipient.
E-mail box providers are increasingly blocking HTML in their efforts to fight the transmission of viruses through e-mail: AOL, Yahoo, Google and Microsoft among them.There is some good news: 69% of e-mail users who have encountered image suppression said they at least sometimes activate images in statements or order forms from senders from whom they’ve bought, Epsilon’s survey determined. Also, 57% said they at least sometimes activate images in promotional e-mail from senders from whom they have bought, according to Epsilon.

Steve Duncan of the blog Lornitropia discusses the state of blogging in the printing industry

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