Sunday, September 10, 2006


Accenture, Dilbert, Media Spending, and more

Good article on how Accenture is using personalizion in e-newsletters. The information consumer is in charge, and communicators who realize that are rewarded. Accenture is pleased with the results... otherwise we wouldn't be reading an article about it

Scott Adams nails it... this is what buying software is like, in the 9/4/06 Dilbert

AdAge reports on the recent TNS media spending data

Cell phone ads to be an $11B market!!
(but wait... aren't all new gadgets supposed to be an $11B five years from the time they are announced?)

Econospinning author Gene Epstein has set up to track reaction to his book.
I reviewed the book in my WTT column

Copywriter Arthur Schiff, inventor of the "Ginsu" knive and the great line "wait! there's more!" died last week. I guess there's no more, of Arthur, at least.
Washington Post story
This page has the Ginsu ad
The real pioneer in copywriting was John Caples, who was #21 of the 100 most influential people in advertising (AdAge)

Tomorrow is five years since 9/11 and I can't bear to watch anything about it. I lost my first boss, the big 6'7" 300 lb Tim O'Sullivan, who had recently retired but was doing a one day a week consulting gig with a pension fund in the WTC. That was his day, in more ways than one. He had a heart attack while descending the stairs in one of the towers. His family was lucky: they were able to recover his body. On this day, 9/10/01, I was on my way home from Print01, thankfully. The next morning I was at my desk, watching CNBC, and all of the events as they unfolded.

The year before, Annie and Dan were standing with me at the top of one of the towers (I've forgotten which had the observation deck), pointing to the various directions of Yonkers, where we grew up, Long Island, where we lived for 7 years, and New Jersey, and of course NY, harbor. That morning we had taken the tour of the Statue of Liberty, and were up in its crown. No one is allowed in the crown and that tight spiral staircase any more. It was a special day we'll always remember.

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