Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Stop the Presses: A Print Council Press Release! (Why We're Still Being Ill-Served)

Don't get your hopes up. Another printer, Japs-Olson joined. As usual, the press release was sent as a word file attached to an e-mail. A Google search for the release yielded nothing. The Print Council web site as of 3:15pm EDT did not have the release. Past press releases are in PDF, not html, which would be easier for editors to copy and paste.

The Print Council has never had a press release about the importance of print.

The releases are as follows:
membership-related: 8
trade show-related: 6
personnel announcments: 4
other: 4 (2 were about a brochure that appeared in Graphic Arts Monthly)
print's role in the new media mix: 0
print as a viable, exciting medium for effective communications: 0
rise in use of direct mail: 0
Hasbro's first printed catalog: 0
print's deliverability advantage over e-marketing: 0
the authoritative nature of print: 0

Need we say more? Since its founding in 2003, the volume of print has dropped... and dropped... and dropped... yet there is no urgency or advocacy.

The plan:
1) go where media deciders go... their trade shows (ad:tech), their publications (Ad Age, Graphic Design USA, Communication Arts, etc), their associations (AIGA, others), be in their panels, be in their magazines, sponsor their web sites, etc.
2) trumpet the benefits of print (Hasbro, etc.)
3) clarify the weaknesses of e-marketing (deliverability, etc)
4) show the need for comprehensive media planning
5) explain and demonstrate the synergy of media
6) become the center for "offline media"

The momentum of e-media is too strong to ignore or overcome. Yet, the placement of the print medium in the modern media era is too important to ignore, and requires an urgency that is clearly not evident. A new bureaucracy has been born, with no energy or desire. This is not what we need.

As of 10am 8/29, the release was still not up on their site.
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