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Really Neat Stuff, Even Textbooks with Ads!

Pharmaceutical companies are upping their online spending by 25%
Cynical take: the pharma biz' spending on TV ads has gotten them lots of negative press and raised the hackles of consumer advocates. Do you think that web promotions are a bit under the radar and may potentially be more effective? I do.

Ads are coming to "texbooks" says the NYT--- perhaps they'll fix the spelling error by the time you read this. I never thought I'd see ad-sponsored textbooks, but in an e-format, anything is possible.
Here's the company:

LA Times article about a new book called "Convergence Culture" which sounds like they hate it, and then they say it's good. I hate when they do that. I wonder if the reviewer was an economist at one time.,1,2308776.story?coll=la-headlines-technology
This convergence thing gets out of hand. This is a wealthy country, and people can buy all kinds of neat gadgets and have the time to use them. It's also a big country, with a diverse population. Even a 1% segment is 3 million people. People forget that even small niches can be very big here. The article also states "On one level, convergence refers to the breaking down of walls between methods of communication (telephone and telegraph) and mass communication media (newspapers, radio, television and the Internet). Jenkins sees a simultaneous reshaping of the relationships among individuals, media audiences, content and its producers — and therefore of popular culture itself. "
Oh please! What time in the U.S. since the industrial revolution has there not been any of this? Availability of new products changes consumption patterns... shall I alert the media? Convergence? or is it MORE CHOICES being created by entrepreneurs and technologists to attract an audience. Convergence sounds so much more ominous and conspiratorial.

Weekly magazines are reacting to the change in news cycle because of competition from the 24/7 availability of online news

New businesses are being built around those 80,000 net new businesses per month that the U.S. is creating... in this article, consultancies are focusing on this group.

Experian has created an interesting study of small businesses
Press release
The report
Gee, wonder why Vistaprint, Staples..... ah, you've heard it before.....

Changing U.S. demographics

Jack Trout writes about the stupidity of mission statements. Next time you're asked to write one, pull this out.

Those awful spam e-mails have some of the funniest "from" names. This blog site has created obituaries for the imaginary people who are so concerned about our mortgage payments, our desire to buy worthless penny stocks and make a fortune, and our heartfelt need for larger extremities that will increase our marital joys.

Print Council interview; can we really take this effort seriously? They've been spending time on bureaucratic stuff as the industry shrinks and shrinks and shrinks...
Still, there is no press release about any of the pro-print stories over the year... just stories about who's joined the association.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau is a better model for our industry, but they have their own problems. I'd rather have theirs.
The IAB newsletter is one of the most important things anyone could read any day of the week. Sign up at

Traditional media still give marketers the reach that they want... and then the article strays into all the uses of new media and how it's important to be there

A new offline media: ads on conveyor belts at checkout counters

What does a futurist do? A good, entertaining article

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