Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Half of Advertising is NOT Wasted!... and other stuff

This Advertising Age headline caught my attention immediately: "New Book Reports 37% of All Advertising Is WastedFive-Year Research Project Tracked $1 Billion in Spending by 36 Major Marketers." After all these years of that damn joke "half of all advertising dollars are wasted, but no one knows which half," we finally have someone who has taken a serious look at the subject. but inside me there was a little voice that went "37% wasted, 37% not wasted, 26% undecided"
Here's the book, called "What Sticks" that the Ad Age column is about-- buy it at Amazon

Thing the media shift ain't real? Newspapers eagerly await Macy's media plans

Free newspapers growing in popularity in Europe

How teens are using media: read this now and start preparing

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