Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Dr. Joe Keynotes the PIA/GATF Workflow Conference 9/18

The PIA/GATF Workflow Conference will be held Sunday, September 17 and Monday, September 18 in Detroit. Dr. Webb will be speaking on Monday morning about the future of the industry and how production methods will be transformed by technology and the dynamics of the worldwide graphic communications marketplace.

On Sunday, attendees will have a special tour of the Vistaprint facility in Windsor, Ontario. We know that Vistaprint does everything wrong: they use the wrong presses, have no personal selling effort, and waste their time on specialty products that you can't make money on... or at least that was the conventional wisdom. The company has turned well-established industry practice on its head, reporting more than $150 million in sales in its last fiscal year, up 67%, with profits of 13% on sales. How many companies in the printing industry would love those kinds of results? It's yet another sign that times are different and that trade truisms may actually be holding companies back. It reminds us that sometimes the key to success is to do what others deem illogical or impossible.

The tour will be followed by discussions about integrating web-to-print capabilities in printing businesses.

More information about the PIA/GATF Workflow Conference

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