Friday, July 14, 2006


More Media Mix Mayhem

Media buying is a far different job today

Good article in WSJ about the changes in media: "The Marketing Maze"

The Financial Times restructures to simultaneously deploy print and web from the same production platform

How technology is changing magazine production (a roundtable discussion)

New media revenues offsetting print losses for many publications

New media prices going up!...

B2B podcasts growing

What a surprise: small business is a heavy user of online purchasing

Thought-provoking opinion piece about the future role of advertising and agencies

Brief article about magazines and the Internet, and a link to a podcast interview with Folio: editor Tony Silber{231D14D9-79E6-4716-9B84-69023878AD62}&siteid=mktw&dist=nbc

The International Herald Tribune is testing a way of automatically generating podcasts, using automated readers.

Walgreens is using geographically targeted ads online for its "circulars"
The book The Long Tail has finally been published, and it's getting a lot of coverage. It's the concept that drives workflows like "no book ever has to be out of print."
The original article
The Wikipedia entry
US News article
USA Today article
Marketwatch article
The Long Tail blog

I read "The Long Tail" book and it is highly recommended. I disagreed with him on a few points, and it's not exactly a topic that lends itself to a book-length treatment, so there's a fair amount of repetition and the literary equivalent of styrofoam packing peanuts, but it's worthwhile nonetheless. It's amazing, though, how much a lot of his background and cultural change discussion could have come right out of the 2015 report we did.

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