Thursday, June 08, 2006


OPA Report, ADBE/MSFT Continued, Time Magazine's Chief Says to Embrace Digital, Google's Spreadsheet

The Internet is the number one daytime media. I've seen the presentation of this Online Publishing Association report and I have to say that it is pretty amazing how much the Internet has gotten to be part of every day. This looks like a well-done study. Unlike other media use studies, where diaries are used, this one sent observers to watch what people did, which is far better. Another thing was interesting: Internet ad dollars still have a long way to go to catch up with the actual time people spend with media. The same thing can be said of radio! You can make the same exact case for spending more money on radio as the Internet folks are trying to make. The radio folks won't be all that successful at it, but the Internet folks will.
A key point in the study: the Internet enhances other media. Our lack of embrace of the Internet as a strategy to drive print is almost embarassing.

Adobe/Microsoft article from the Washington Post

Time magazine chief says magazines must embrace digital. Ummmmm... wasn't that why they merged with AOL?

Much has been made of Google having an online spreadsheet program. It's really quite basic and kind of a ho-hum idea. But when we go back to centralized computing (remember Sun's Scott McNealy saying "the network is the computer" about 10 years ago?) and we get more speed and reliability, maybe then this will make sense. For right now, it's a good place to store things until you get back to your own computer.
Want a free spreadsheet that really rivals Excel? Use OpenOffice.
Want a free online spreadsheet with real features that almost rivals Excel?
Both products include the ability to export to PDF.

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