Monday, June 19, 2006


Mags & Their Printers, a PDF Newspaper?, We Need a King!, and other stuff

Good article on magazines and their relationships with printers

UK's Guardian is "copying the content of its Web site,, every 15 minutes and pouring it into an eight- to 12-page PDF document to be downloaded and printed out... The company hopes the service will appeal to lunchtime and evening commuters who want a print-based update on the day's events."

Scoop! Newspaper website readers shop online! The catch is that they do it more than non-site users. It is kind of silly (coffee drinkers use cups! steak eaters use knives!) because all it does show is that one site has readers of a different behavioral characteristic than another site. Hmmmmm..... segmenting by behavior.... Well, at least they're out there standing up for their medium. There's a lot to be said for that, if you know what I mean.
...82 percent of newspaper “Power Users” – readers who use newspaper Web sites on an average day -- purchase products online, compared with only 55 percent of individuals who do not frequently use newspaper Web sites...

What a bad press release... that said, this is a printer selling magazine and catalog printing over the web.
Here's their site
But you can't tell who they are. There's not a single human's name on the site. I assume it's a print broker.

iLiad's e-book reader goes on sale in Europe next week!
Blog post:,
Company site:

Finally, I now know what will make the printing industry grow again. We need a king! Or at least that's why people are bullish about Thailand's printing business.

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