Tuesday, June 13, 2006


How to Make Digital Media More Effective, Brainstorming, Xerox' Big Revelation, and Other Good Stuff

American Advertising Federation report about digital media. Headline: "Advertising Leaders Question Corporate America's Ability to Maximize Effectiveness of Digital Media" Now wasn't it just last week we had another survey showing how print enhanced new media? Hello? Anyone listening?
press release http://www.aaf.org/news/press20060611_01.html
report (Word doc) http://www.aaf.org/news/pdf/execsummarysurvey0606.doc

I never liked brainstorming sessions (maybe because I was an only child, and still am), and this Wall Street Journal article explains how useless these things can be

Xerox realizes what's in the document is what matters... one of those "duh!" moments, I'm sure. Xerox never really walked the walk about digital printing (dumbfounded faces when I would ask them, HP, Indigo and Xeikon [at the time], "explain how variable printing has helped you increase your sales" or "explain how switching to digital color printing from black & white has made your communications more effective.")... but Xerox seems to be more aware of those things now.

Good media mix implementation executive roundtable story

Moving worldwide is a problem for database marketers

NPES is running a seminar about selling into emerging markets. It's mainly for industry suppliers, but printers may find it of interest as well. It's being held on Friday, July 21 in Chicago.

Interview with Jeff Hayzlett, new CMO Kodak Graphics

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