Thursday, June 01, 2006


Do We Have Time for New Media? ... and Some Other Stuff

Internet advertising set a record, $3.9B, for the first quarter, up +38%

Nissan's VP says the auto industry isn't using enough new media. If I were him, I'd shut up and let my competitors make dumb mistakes :)

Time magazine is adjusting to the new media age. Gee, wasn't that why TIMEWarner got involved with AOL? They had the chance to lead... but they worked harder at defending the turf of the past. I hear so many companies say that they create their own futures, and they never do. They create the world of budgets, small incremental changes, and preserve their bonuses and incentives. This article was absolutely hilarious... and but would not have been if this was 2001, not 2006. So many franchises have passed Time that one wonders how important the magazine is anymore.

A poorly edited interview of me for Providence Business News about the recent e-paper project is at
When I say poorly edited, I mean it reads more like a transcript than an article. As far as editing goes, who am I to tell anyone about that, when this blog is.... well.... a blog! (Was that stream of consciousness or was it a puddle of consciousness?)

The WSJ has a good article about the misuse and misinterpretation of polling data

Do we really believe that Adobe will continue GoLive and Freehand after buying them from Macromedia? This article claims that Adobe is denying rumors about the products being cut. These kinds of things are unwinnable. Adobe wants to please its users, and does not want to force them to change, so these transition periods do take some time. If they say they're cutting the products, they seem like they're abandoning the remaining users. We all know that GoLive and Freehand will eventually be put out to pasture. We also know that at some point Dreamweaver will be rebuilt from the bottom-up at some time, and that Freehand will be de-marketed and not upgraded with the regularity or intensity that Illustrator is. As soon as I read this story, I remembered when a Microsoft tech support rep told me "don't worry... we'll always support Word for DOS."

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