Saturday, June 17, 2006


"Consumers Move to Center Stage," Newspapers Just Can't Unwind, Digital Publishing, China, Importance of Lead Generation, A Real Convergence Nightmare

More comments from the American Advertising Federation meeting. From the article's quotes of a speech by
Publicis Groupe Chairman and CEO Maurice Levy:
"In the past, consumers were at the very end of the business process. Now, with the internet, the mobile phone and the ever-more-amazing array of new services, consumers have moved center stage," he said. "For our industry, they have become what you might call enlightened despots." … Agencies have to learn to answer to the greater awareness and greater volatility of the new consumer, Mr. Levy added. But he cautioned that the same technologies that empower consumers by giving them additional choices make reaching them with a mass approach more difficult, forcing more one-to-one marketing. "Not only will we have to deal with more and more consumers, but, perhaps paradoxically, we will also have to plan more and more individual highly targeted campaigns." … He didn't criticize print content but questioned the practice of charging consumers who want hard copies in an age when they can get free content on the web. "We all know traditional media are all losing ground in one way or another. But it would be just as ill-advised to completely dismiss traditional media -- waving them aside as obsolescent -- as it would be to ignore the fact communications will never be the same as they were," Mr. Levy said. "Having to pay to get access to information will be increasingly seen as an imposition, as it already is in the eyes of many young people."

Another newspaper story. Has a great sentence:
...these companies can't just shut down their printing presses and go Web-only by the end of the year, as their core reader base is still made up of people who read their print editions.
Yet another reminder that unwinding an old business while starting a new one is just hard to do, and often gobbles up more resources than doing either one, kind of a reverse synergy.

Publishers now embracing digital as a way of building their brands? Finally?

NY Times article claims "Digital Publishing Is Scrambling the Industry's Rules"

Union-inspired page about development of China's printing industry: "The Prospective Development of the Chinese Printing Industry in the Early Decades of 21st Century "

Why use print (and especially direct mail)? To generate sales leads. We already know from the Outsell, Inc. study that print still ranks higher than new media in lead generation in the minds of most marketing communitcators. This press release discusses a report about the effects of superior lead generation. Now guess what industry organization should get ahold of this idea..... and use it to promote print. More importantly, printers should grab this idea immediately and go to clients with sales lead generation ideas.

Another convergence nightmare!

Do you think this Microsoft employee is long for the world? Manager of the Vista program claims, in his blog, that MSFT's culture is responsible for constant Vista delays.;jsessionid=VFEIPPSTYHOWQQSNDLPCKH0CJUNN2JVN
I am so ready for Linux

This past week, aside from Word and Excel always crashing when I close them, there are some Excel files that cause the Excel2003 to crash right in the middle of working on them. Guess what: in StarOffice8 a/k/a OpenOffice 2.01, NOTHING CRASHES. I'm building a new computer with my son this summer, and my current one will become my Linux computer.

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