Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Still, Yet More, Lots of Interesting Stuff

Yahoo! has started a new effort to get more local advertising. Local search has not lived up to expectations. It will... eventually... but see the NNA article below....

This, just after the NNA reported how strong local community newspapers are. This has been the only growth area of the newspaper publishing business. The Internet will get them, but it will take a while... and I think these publishers are more likely to respond properly to the threat and get very active in their adoption of web publishing.

By the way, the NNA site is definitely worth one particular industry organization's consideration as a worthwhile goal for emulation. This has become a very good site over the past few months.
Not the organization who should look at this: http://www.printcouncil.org/
The organization that should be cutting and pasting NNA's HTML code like crazy: http://www.theprintcouncil.org/

Vistaprint looks like it may actually try marketing instead of relentless pounding of sales e-mails offering free* printing. It's actually offering a small business webinar!
Sign up and info here

The Microsoft Origami is on its way... and CDW has been selected as the first outlet, with BestBuy to follow.
more Origami news can be found at http://news.com.com/Action+unfolds+in+Origami+PCs/2009-1044_3-6066974.html?tag=fd_nbs_ent&tag=nl.e703

eBook sales data can be found at http://www.idpf.org/doc_library/statistics/2005.htm

Small publishing highlighted in Business Week -- IMPORTANT ARTICLE if you don't have a sense of what desktop publishing and new short-run printing technologies and the Internet can conspire to create.

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