Monday, May 15, 2006


Read These Now or I'll Storm Your Cubicle

Philly Inquirer story about newspapers looking for revenues online

Interesting story about how specialists in search marketing have other responsibilities... like buying print! Anyone still wonder why you have to court the new media folks?
Press release

Can you believe research? This is a short, but good article about how much market research does not reflect the realities of buyer decision-making. Throughout my career I've warned prospects, and even lost jobs, about this very topic. When someone wants to do a survey, I should just stop getting in their way and take the money :) Nah, I couldn't do that.

Catalogers told it's time for "extreme marketing"

Newspapers put the squeeze on print

The Postal Service.... where do I start? Like health care and other industries, prices are not subject to the marketplace and are regulated, if not on an outright basis, on a de facto basis. That means that prices can never fall. Because prices can never fall, there is no incentive to reduce, control, or eliminate costs. Heck, there's no reason to please customers. By law, competitors to the USPS must also not undercut them, so they even affect the prices of FedEx and UPS. One suggestion is to spin the USPS off as a private business and give much of the equity to the employees. None of this will go anywhere, of course. Giving the USPS the ability to raise prices based on the CPI further insulates them from the competition of the marketplace. It's a mess, and earned the avoidance that new media provides.
Citizens Against Government Waste report
Privatize the military mail?

E-paper used in a portable DVD player

I keep forgetting to post this 1999 article by economists Julian simon (now deceased) and Stephen Moore of the Cato Institute that describes how much America changed in the 20th century.

My computer batteries are always running out. Finally, a solution is on the horizon. But we dare not recharge in public.

Graph Expo '06 online show and hotel registration is up and running

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