Thursday, May 18, 2006


E-commerce & Print -- The Model Still Holds -- And More Articles

Today I got the latest data about e-commerce as a percentage of retail sales data. I analyzed this data series in a previous post
Well, for the fourth quarter, this percentage jumped from 2.2% to 2.7% of retail sales. Guess what? The model held true, with an r-squared of 90%. But now it's for every .1 percentage point increase in the share that e-commerce has, the model forecasts a $1.6 billion decline in annual printing shipments. No wonder the fourth quarter was so horrid. E-commerce took a huge leap at that time.

If packaging is such a hot place of printers to move their business, why is Smurfit-Stone selling their consumer packaging business?

Internet surfing up.... especially for real estate, +23%

Can't get enough of ad:tech... here's a summary press release.

Quebecor expects losses, and is cutting jobs

Until 12/31/06, all Skype calls to regular phones are free!

U.S. Book production -18%
Press release
More book statistics

Philadelphia approves city-wide wi-fi access
Wi-fi in the home starting to pick up!;jsessionid=UZM3PYE2MVIMIQSNDBCSKH0CJUMEKJVN?articleID=187201847

So the Philly thing means that you can wander the streets and be homeless and wireless at the same time?

The official press release about the e-paper project I worked on with Vince Naselli, Richard Romano, Bob Sacks

Remember... you can download my PrintFest keynote presentation of 5/12/06

TURN OFF WINDOWS AUTOMATIC UPDATES! I did years ago, and my computing life has been far less aggravating. Woody Leonhard, PC guru, explains why--- the article is halfway down page of this link

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