Monday, April 24, 2006


Searching for Online Revenue on TabletPCs or Epaper, Even in Baghdad... Now That I Have Your Interest... Today's Reading

Three consecutive years of online ad revenue growth

Bill Gates still sees TabletPCs replacing textbooks,aid,125492,tk,dn042106X,00.asp

The NYT has an e-paper story (for some reason it reminds me of a press sales rep I knew who would go to his new installs and call his reluctant prospects and say "Hear that noise in the background?" and then hold the phone up to the press and then say "That's the sound of your company going out of business.")

Search marketing is getting lots of press lately. Here's an Ad Age article about integrating it with offline campaigns.

There's been lots of debunkable writing lately about employee shortages in the printing industry. Here's an industry that's growing: digital media... sure, in the post-Internet-bubble era, we should be suspicious when we hear that. Read and decide for yourself.

The printing industry of Baghdad, Iraq
(sounds like they're making more money from politicians than those printers in India are)

Media execs told to wise up and get with the new media program (they said it nicer than that). Interesting quote:
More people are spending more time with text and images than at any time in the history of mankind.

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