Thursday, April 20, 2006


The Media Mix Keeps on Changing

Burst Media has an interesting release on where the Internet fits in consumer product information gathering in their April 2006 newsletter. It also has a good comparison of where it fits with other media (behind TV, and ahead of magazines, newspapers, and others).
More than half (57.1%) of respondents say the Internet is their primary source for information about products or services they might purchase. Men are more likely than women (61.9% versus 50.3%) to say the Internet is their primary product information source; and usage is near equal for all age segments except respondents 65 years and older, of which fewer than half (41.7%) say the Internet is their primary product information source.
The most striking difference in use of the Internet for product research occurs between income segments. Use of the Internet to gather product information rises dramatically as household income (HHI) increases – going from one-half (50.6%) of respondents reporting HHI less than $35,000 to fully two-thirds (69.2%) of respondents reporting HHI of $75,000 or more.

Merrill Lynch analysts say this is the year that Internet ad dollars exceed magazine ad dollars or

Morgan Stanley has posted their Global Internet Trends presentation

There is a good summary of XML and JDF events at IPEX online. One of the more interesting hands-on articles I've seen about the subject, also discussing the role of PDF. It mentions issues of open source software as well (of which I am a big fan). One of these is Scribus, the free desktop publishing software.
Gimp is an open source competitor to Photoshop was the subject of a USA Today article. Think of it as video blogging.
The story
The site

Direct magazine publishes a letter around Easter and Passover that helps put life in perspective. May none of us ever have to be this courageous.

Thanks for mentioning the article at OhmyNews. I have had a couple of comments suggesting I was a bit offtrack on Scribus. I tried it out on windows and definitely needed Ghostscript so I mentioned this in the report. However I am told that on the Linux version they use their own libraries and produce PDF/X just right. Actually they met this standard ahead of anyone, according to the site. Do you have any more detail on Scribus? I would like to do another story for Ohmynews, unless someone else writes one.
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