Monday, April 10, 2006


Ginsu Knives and Political Printing in India: Yes, It's One Strange Day on Dr. Joe's Blog

Key concept that drives media reallocation: traditional old-style direct mail metrics are being applied to all media. Here's a good article from Advertising Age is called "What P&G Learned From the Veg-O-Matic and Ginsu-Knife"

Surprise! B2B marketers are spending more on their Internet initiatives!
Press release
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Disney putting up broadcast shows on the web the day after network broadcasts, for free. Network broadcasting continues its death spiral, but it will be an incredible well for Internet content... that is, as long as advertisers want to keep paying for it.
Funniest line of the story: "Disney was not immediately available for comment." Of course he will be... in the year 2357.

Startup company Webaroo grabs Internet content and puts it in a form that you can search offline. I haven't used it yet but the concept seems quite interesting.

Nice printer turnaround story. Classic dilemma though: now that you've fixed the mismanaged business you just acquired, what do you do next?

Digital printing is changing the political landscape in India!

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