Friday, April 07, 2006


Dr. Doom, There's no Stringing Barnes & Noble Along, and Other Stuff

I'm kidded about the Dr. Doom monicker I've been stuck with, and the jokes among my co-consultants and writes get pretty funny. This Career Builder ad fits into the same theme. It's been suggested that I turn my printing shipments charts upside down so I could say shipments are up.

Barnes & Noble told Sony where to put its e-book reader

Time Inc. is combining its print and online sales forces for its business titles

Adobe doesn't make many mistakes (and when they do, they seem to fix them), and watching them is always worthwhile. Here's a story about a deal with Verizon to use the recently-acquired Macromedia Flash

Web development (not the press kind) getting a new surge? This article says it is.

Looks like Google and Earthlink's proposal for free (Google) and fee (Earthlink) wi-fi in San Francisco is almost a done deal.,aid,125329,tk,dn040606X,00.asp

E-Dialog, the company I mentioned the other day in reference to bounced e-mails generating a direct mail piece, made an acquisition to expand their services.

Interesting article about online publishing in the UK, especially about online paid vs. free issues
The article:
The original release:

Article about publishers reaction to AOL's new mobile initiatives
I love these articles... they always assume that all people do all day is look at media, and imply that all current media use will remain static.

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