Friday, March 10, 2006



The unemployment rate went up to 4.8% despite the addition of 243,000 payroll jobs. Net revisions to December and January were -18,000 from previous estimates, which are minor in the grand scheme of things. More people working than ever in the history of the United States? Nah, that'll never be in the headlines. How can the unemployment rate go up with so many new jobs added? Because people who are encourged by the prospect of finding work (let's call them "encouraged workers") jump into the workforce and increase the denominator of the calculation (1 - (employed/(employed+seeking employment))) .

Interesting story on Proactive Packaging of California. I always thought it was funny that the jargon of sales management is "we need to move some boxes" referred to the urgent need to sell something, and had nothing to do with boxes (other than the fact that what was sold was in one, probably). What do they say in the box industry? This article sheds no light on that mystery, but explains how this sector of the packaging industry is changing and one of the companies that's doing it.

Yet again, I got a Print Council press release... as a MSWord file attached to an e-mail. I immediately went to their site. Yet again, the release is not on their site. Need I say more? Compunding matters is their URL.
Not the Print Council: (The Print Council of America which is something else)
The Print Council: (The Print Council)
To read the release online you have to wait for someone like WhatTheyThink to pick it up

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