Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Study These: The Multiple Choice Questions Will Be Tougher than Last Test

Article about launching the "magazine" online first, building up some buzz, and then introducing the print version.

Confusing article about direct mail: do postal rates matter or not? The article quotes some mailers as saying no, that their business is great. I don't think they do matter except at the margins. Postage is one of many costs, and the others, while not always as large, have to be viewed in the larger context of cost of acquiring a sale. Now that there are so many alternatives to reaching audiences, the former costs of postage can be avoided by doing something else.

Poland wants to become Europe's printing hub

Wall Street Journal editorializes about the future of newspapers

Rupert Murdoch says the world is changing for old media

Spending on paid web content at new high; yet only 12% of web users buy content, which is perceived as a great opportunity.

Two-thirds of active U.S. Internet users use broadband, which is an increase of 20 million more broadband users than last year. Broadband changes everything!

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