Monday, March 20, 2006


Springtime for Blog Posts from Dr. Joe

(... sing today's title to the melody of the famous song from Mel Brooks' The Producers)

E-mail more effective in Canada?

China may end up having the economic robust vitality of France unless the old line realizes what a good thing they have going. (By the way.. if France were a U.S. state [perish the thought] they would be the fifth poorest state in the Union. The recent protests against job security of young people in jobs would be just hilarious if it wasn't so sad. Isn't entrepreneurship a French word? Free market economies are not always pretty, but it appears that India is being more aggressive about it while China is still resisting. Ireland is another country that has taken the free market risk, and they are reaping the benefits of it. How long can China keep growing? As long as the long-time bureaucrats are in charge, it's hard to believe that Chinese growth is actually being limited. That's right, the Chinese economy may actually be underperforming. When you start as low as they were, it's easy to generate high growth rates. It's hard to believe they could have actually been higher, but they could have been.)

Electronics for Imaging and Staples make a web-to-print deal. It's about time. You knew Staples wouldn't let this opportunity pass them by and let VistaPrint get everything. Think of Staples as Kinkos without the overhead of separate stores. I still think VistaPrint is in play for acquisition in the next two to three years, but don't be surprised if it's not sooner. Where are the franchises in all this? They couldn't have made a deal with someone? Are they the ones sleeping in the corner over there? The story of VistaPrint and the office superstores is that the franchises have done nothing to block them.
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RRD buying Office Tiger, continuing a pattern of their purchase of Astron

Howard Kurtz writes about the difficulty news media are having unraveling their legacy infrastructures

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