Thursday, March 30, 2006


Economic data, network readiness, boomers, and gosh-- an e-commerce use for print? Shocking!

Disappointing revision to GDP for the 4Q-2005. Advance was +1.1%, preliminary +1.6%, and today's final was +1.7%. Other measures indicated it would have been a stronger revision. Corporate profits were very strong, +13%. Jobless claims down 10,000, and the 4-week average is down to 310,750.
Jobless claims

Countries com compared for their "network readiness" -- quite interesting. At the bottom of the press release you can link to and Excel sheet with the full rankings and a PDF of the executive summary.

Good, short, article from Advertising Age about the cable network TVLand. It discusses how the 40-60 demographic is being ignored. Loved this line:
“We’ve done focus groups with this demo who say they turn on the TV and there are 500 channels and they can’t find anything to watch,” he said. “They start to feel annoyed, like media has blatantly disregarded them. So much of marketing, media and communication is built around the notion that in the youthful years we’re deciding who we are,” Mr. Dychtwald said. But he noted that boomers are a generation that has changed -- from careers to life partners. “Twenty percent of boomers have changed religions, 50% have changed spouses -- you think they’re not going to change toothpaste?”
So, with that in mind, what makes anyone think they won't change media habits? They have, and they will.

Here's a great example of how print and e-marketing work together. Printers can't do this? Some would think not. Sounds like a great application for digital printing, doesn't it. Doesn't it sound like something that could be totally automated? Sure does.
Precision Dynamic Printing lets e-Dialog clients run personalized e-mail and direct mail campaigns from the same platform. For instance, e-Dialog clients that publish magazines have traditionally executed their renewals through e-mail. If a magazine subscriber changes his e-mail address, a renewal message will bounce and the customer may be lost. Using the new platform, an e-mail bounce would trigger a direct mail piece informing the subscriber that it is time for renewal.

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