Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Son of the Ghost of the Son of the Ghost of Required Reading

Jack Trout reminds us that advertising is about selling, not entertaining

New XM radios will let you go from hearing an ad to ordering what you just heard about... cool!

How newspapers are surviving by being in print and on the web, and the dire stories aren't true (they are, but that's decide the point)

On-line shopping creating more satisfaction than traditional retailing: "Poor customer service at retail stores is driving shoppers onto the Web, where a new study shows they get greater satisfaction by clicking than by walking."

Disney kills its hard copy catalog. Dumb move, but since the research said it was okay, they're doing it. I've been doing research for 25+ years: it's good at telling you what people's good intentions are, but you still have to watch behavior. They'll be back to print eventually just to support the web catalog.

NYTimes explains how the Internet has changed the role of small business. There are more than 70,000 net new businesses every month, under the radar, enhanced by the new communications infrastructures. Very few companies play to this market, which has made businesses like Staples very successful, and poorly imitated. The Times article talks about how search marketing has changed small business. Small businesses may never grow to use print the way that mid-size businesses do.

Earthlink and Google cooperating to make SanFran a wireless hotspot

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