Monday, February 13, 2006


Ghost of Required Reading

This is a must-read article from Advertising Age. It's about what was discussed at the recent Digital Lifestyle Day in Munich.
1. Because the native costs of crafting and distributing creative product are trending toward zero, anyone can be a creative.
2. Individuals control their media.
3. Whatever creativity is, its essence is more important in marketing and media now than ever.
4. Mobile social networking is the next big thing.
5. The “long tail” is making vast new forms of business possible.
6. The physical world still matters -- especially as a validator.

If you're not familiar with "long tail" you need to read this article from Wired.
The printing industry participates in the "long tail" with on-demand printing and stored documents, such as those that never allow a book to be truly "out of print." The company Lightning Source is a good example

Boston Globe had an article about the changing media mix. More interesting is the presentation that the story is built around.
Outsell, Inc. presentation can be accessed at:
Here's how print fared (it won't be growing like online is, but it is something that if I were running an association or something devoted to the survival of the industry I might actually want to use):
* Print trade magazines ranked #1 in branding effectiveness
* Direct mail ranked #2 in lead generation effectiveness and #3 in branding effectiveness.
* The highest ranked new media? E-mail marketing, ranked 4th in branding and lead generation.

The computer revolution started 60 years ago with ENIAC. It weighed 28 tons, and cost $487,000 in dollars.... then! The article has a great comparison of the computer and a current Intel chip.

Emerging markets have stockpiles of U.S. dollars for which they must find a use. That's right, the money has to be repatriated to have true value, which is the reason why all of the obsession of trade deficits is grossly silly.

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