Friday, February 03, 2006


December 2005 Printing Shipments... Worst of the Year

This is one of the toughest posts I have written, but the Internet age has devastated the most important quarter of the print business' year. December 2005 printing shipments were down -9.3%. The chart below shows the month-to-month changes and how the year started to deteriorate beginning in June. Month by month the fourth quarter just got worse. What does it mean? It looks like next year will be about $5billion less commercial printing next year.

Our PrintForecast clients will be getting detailed analysis of this shortly. If you haven't signed up for the free newsletter, the paid weekly update called Contrarian View, I strongly recommend it as I will be putting it all in detailed context in those venues. I'll be discussing it in next week's "Fridays with Dr. Joe" at the site.

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