Friday, January 13, 2006


Dr Joe's Assigned Reading

The eroding relationships of printers and publishers is the subject of an anonymous article in Folio:

Article about European printing trends

The new format of TV Guide is touted as a success (sales up 38%!)... until you read the last paragraph (circulation down 60%! -- rats, it really does make a difference what year you compare to, doesn't it?). The operation was a success but the patient died.... well, almost... should we really count it as a new magazine? It's nothing like the old one.,1,6343202.story?coll=la-headlines-business

Ah, the old days... I remember when GAF was a well-known but dying company in the graphic arts, and then revitalized by investor Gary Andlinger (who was trained by ITT legend Harold Geneen), and then sold for 20x what they bought it for by International Paper... who was on a wild and fruitless acquisition spree at the time. The Anitec/GAF site in Binghamton, NY now has a new owner...

e-Marketer's seven predictions for 2006

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