Wednesday, January 04, 2006


2006 Index of Economic Freedom Released

The Heritage Foundation has released its annual Index of Economic Freedom. It is a free download as a PDF, and is packed with frank assessment of more than 100 economies and lots of data. Highly recommended.

Information page with download links
Press release

The most free economies and their ranks are:
Hong Kong (1st)
Singapore (2nd)
Ireland (3rd)
Luxembourg (4th)
Iceland (5th)
United Kingdom (5th)
Estonia (7th)
Denmark (8th)
Australia (9th)
New Zealand (9th)
United States (9th)

The least free economies are:
Turkmenistan (148th)
Laos (149th)
Cuba (150th)
Belarus (151st)
Libya (152nd)
Venezuela (152nd)
Zimbabwe (154th)
Burma (155th)
Iran (156th)
North Korea (157th)

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