Sunday, December 11, 2005


Articles of Note

The Publishers Information Bureau released November data that showed magazine ad pages down -1.1%, and for 11 months of 2005 it was +0.4%. Their dollars figures, wholly unreliable, are based on rate card prices, and showed +4.2% for November and +7.4% for the year-to-date. The rate card is Tiffany's prices, but the street price is strictly Wal-Mart. Don't believe them. Of course, the missing part of the equation is circulation, and those data are mushy as well, but we know it's not going up, because postal data would indicate otherwise.

Business Week cancels some of its editions, as audience has shifted to the Internet

Google warns that electricity will cost more than computers!,+Google+warns/2100-1010_3-5988090.html

But we'll wear our batteries... NEC has announced a foldable battery that can become part of clothes

"John Battelle, the former publisher of The Industry Standard and the author of the Google-chronicling book The Search, implored magazines to eschew a print-focused strategy, while also embracing search engine marketing and user-generated content."

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