Monday, November 14, 2005


Today's Assigned Reading

Industrial market is still relatively untapped for the Internet, at least according to this article
Press release:

Summary of last week's ad:tech show

A UK columnists muses about e-books and publishers,6903,1641234,00.html

Google proposes a book rental plan

Publishers are still spooked about Google according to The Economist

... and Der Spiegel has a story about the issues as well,1518,383978,00.html

100 zillion years ago, AOL and Time Warner merged to create a cross-media giant. Internal legal wrangling and bad management led to a big zero.... until today. Yes, this is the announcement we've all been waiting for! Classic TV shows will now be online! This is incredibly underwhelming.

Hilarious story of unintended consequences! Someone figured out that computers actually use lots of electricity! Maybe paper is cheaper? This is a case of really bad planning, but it is funny.

Seniors who blog: yes, old people use computers. Shocking!

Podcasting story: radio stations will actually be encouraging it!

Skype will be computer-free?,aid,123507,tk,dn111105X,00.asp

Last week, people were up in arms over some Microsoft memos where Bill Gates warned that the world was going to change. Imagine that.

Nicholas Negroponte's $100 laptop is closer to reality. The Microsoft comments are pretty funny. They won't be able to do the 3E plan that they normally do with industry standards ("embrace, enhance, eradicate") to this idea.

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