Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Ad Pages Latest Data

American Business Media released September ad pages data. Compared to 2004, pages were up 1.96%. For the year, they are up 2.12%. Both rates are less that real GDP growth, so ad pages are lagging the economy growth rate by about a third. In terms of current dollars, because ABM does not adjust for inflation, their growth rate of 4.6% must be compared to a current dollar GDP growth of about 6.5%, also lagging by about one third.

While November data for consumer magazines will be out in the next week, taking a look at October numbers shows a decline compared to 2004 for the month of -2.1%, up for the year at 0.6%. The trend is not getting better, and it may be in decline for the year by the time November and December data are reported.

Note: to see the full data you have to click on their full spreadsheet data; it is not presented in the release.

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