Thursday, October 27, 2005


Today's Key Articles

Tomorrow is Friday, when my usual column is published. I comment more extensively on the Phoenix Visitors Bureau use of e-brochures and what it means in terms of the future of print, the way print is sold, and how digital printing isn't always the answer.

Case study why you need multiple media, not just online, and why relying on search for people to find you is dangerous (they can find your competitors, too).

Adobe has listed its program for January's Momentum in Print event

Wall Street Journal is using free trials to get more subscribers to (by the way, I heartily recommend I've grown to like it a lot more than the hard copy)

Circulation fraud story

Internet access over power lines is getting much closer,1282,69271,00.html

Reuters: "WPP Chief Executive Martin Sorrell warned on Thursday that many of the world's leading media companies are on the verge of panic amid the seismic shifts brought on by the Internet."

Effect of online on offline retail purchase behavior

How circulation and site visits are not the same. The article (from a blog) is a further indication of how lost the magazine business has been in finding a provable revenue model that will attract advertisers... oh yeah, it needs to attract a dependable audience, too. Somehow we keep forgetting that.

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