Friday, October 28, 2005


Today's Essential Articles, and a New Census Report About Computer and Internet Use

Census Bureau releases new report about computer and Internet use in the U.S. (has lots of historical data and commentary). The report is worth downloading.
USA Today story:
UPI report:
" 2003, 70 million U.S. households (62 percent) had one or more computers and that 55 percent of households had Internet access, more than triple the number of households with Net access in 1997 (18 percent)...the presence of a school-aged child has had a heavy influence on computer ownership and Internet access. According to the Census, more than three-quarters of households with a school-aged child (6-17 years old) had a computer and 67 percent had Internet access...The Census report showed that of the 20 million households who stated they were not interested in the Internet, over 60 percent (12.7 million) were aged 55 and older..."
Using that last factoid from UPI... means that 40% of aged 55 and older are interested in the Internet, and this is the fastest growing demographic segment. is now creating video content for new iPods

Wal-Mart' RFID efforts are paying off
"The Bentonville, Ark., retailer now has more than 130 major suppliers shipping merchandise to its distribution centers with RFID tags attached, with about 5.4 million tags received at Wal-Mart distribution centers during the past year. The company expects to add another 200 suppliers to the list by January, with about 1,000 stores and warehouses ready to receive their tagged goods..."

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