Monday, October 31, 2005


Today's Articles Show That Consumers Choose the Medium, Not the Content Owner

"Internet and the Future of TV" is the name of the article; it's yet another reminder of the "wherever-whenever" world, and that the information consumer is the one who determines format and medium. Time is the most limited resource, and now technology puts them in charge of their own time, not some TV network programmer.

Men are leaving print media faster than women

And everybody's leaving newspapers, or that's the idea you might be left with after this opinion piece from the St Petersburg Times of Florida "Information Age Finds Newspapers Unready"

Last week, there were a bunch of stories about how too much was made of the Sun-Google alliance, and that OpenOffice wasn't really a part of it. This story is quite different; Google may become the most important influence in the use of open-source software, and OpenOffice may be their biggest step into that marketplace in a way that consumers see. Could Google become more important than Microsoft in terms of consumer computing? How many people would use "GoogleOffice"?

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