Wednesday, September 07, 2005


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Accuracy of business data bases is probably the biggest problem with 1:1 VDP efforts. (I got yet another 1:1 piece the other day, and the track record is intact: I have never received an accurate piece). This release discusses the business costs of bad data.

Publisher gets into podcasting

More e-paper news

Economist Gene Epstein writes in Barrons about the unintended consequences of price caps. Note that during Labor Day weekend, there was no shortage of gasoline. How come? Not because of greed, but because of the simple supply-demand curves we learned in Economics 101.

Hearst Magazines' Cathleen Black interviewed

Data about newspaper inserts as published by TNS Market Intelligence

Software Freedom Day is September 10! While the folks who are running it have little understanding of the value of proprietary software and also that of intellectual property, and even of economics, the open source and free software movement is growing in Asia and Africa, and the rest of the developing world. Open source and proprietary software will coexist happily as they are two totally different business models serving totally different needs. Do people really think that Sun Microsystems has no vested financial interest in the success of OpenOffice? Of course they do. Getting computing resources out in the world require many different strategies, and the open source and free software movement are critical to that effort. However naive they are, there are some great recommendations in this article.
The official Software Freedom Day site

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