Sunday, September 25, 2005


Articles of Interest

Remember the ideas of printing out far-away newspapers on copiers? Anyone who's purchased a two-day old New York Times in Tokyo for $40 knows what that means. You'd think the Internet would have eliminated the need for this, but there is still some interest. In this story, Canon becomes a partner with NewspaperDirect in, what they hope, will popularize the concept.

This article, "Let's Lose the Definition of DM," caught me by surprise because it's an agency complaining about losing its work to a printer! Value-added has to come from somewhere, sometimes, and in this case, the printer got it and the agency lost it. Like the misguided efforts to bring ad agency work "in-house" only to find that creativity needs an immersion in the marketplace outside of one's business, I would not be surprised if this kind of work went to the printer and then they have to go back to an agency. Interesting reading.

Advertising Age has good article on how consumer confidence data aren't all that hot for predicting things. Give me personal income, especially credit card use data, and I'd much prefer what's really happening to base prognostications on rather than "touchy-feely" data. Even depressed people spend money when they are confident in their ability to pay it back. Their confidence in the economy is meaningless. Watch what people do, and pay less attention to what they say.

Another e-paper story
Pew Internet Survey on status of broadband in the US

Emerging story: health care costs rising, especially for small business. When worker's don't get raises because of increased benefits costs, the grumbling will start. Look for this story to start dominating headlines next year.

It's not printing related, but this article about OpenOffice as an alternative to MS Office caught my eye. The final of OpenOffice version 2 is out this week, supposedly, and I'm switching ASAP via StarOffice 8 as soon as it's released.

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